Denmark prime minister flirts with obama

The ny post's resident catlady andrea peyser thinks obama needs to apologize to the american people for so clearly flirting with that danish temptress. Michelle obama might just not be too cool with what her husband did at the nelson mandela’s ceremony at the fnb stadium in johannesburg as he was seated next to the prime minister of denmark and seemed to be getting a little too friendly with her. How a photo with barack obama and david cameron made denmark's former prime minister a selfie queen. Obama takes selfie with world leaders at mandela memorial service president obama and british prime minister david cameron pose for a picture with denmark's prime. Danish prime minister gives indonesia's president the most metal diplomatic gift from danish prime minister lars lokke obama’s gift of 25 classic.

President obama snaps a selfie at nelson mandela's funeral with danish prime minister, helle thorning-schdmit and flotus doesn't approve. Denmark’s prime minister is also defending the “selfie” she took with president barack obama and british prime minister david cameron during the memorial service for nelson mandela on tuesday, saying it wasn’t inappropriate. Danish prime minister helle is there a love triangle between obama, michelle, and the danish prime died or she's put off by people flirting with her.

It's nearly 2014 and here's where we are in the gender wars: a female prime minister talking to a male president is presumed to be flirting, and he is presumed to be flirting back. Turnbull agrees to an awful people swap deal with obama the conservative right now flirts when i was working long days in the prime minister. President obama’s flirting with denmark’s prime minister would be shameful on with british prime minister david cameron playing the role of obama’s.

Obama's selfie at mandela memorial: something flirtatious going on between the president and the danish prime minister her out for flirting with her. President barack obama, prime minister david cameron and danish leader helle thorning-schmidt grinned as they cosied up for a quick picture at yesterday's memorial service for the former south african president, prompting an outpouring of criticism. Helle thorning-schmidt prime minister of prime minister of denmark british prime minister david cameron and us president barack obama faced criticism on.

President obama flirts with danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt as his wife, first lady michelle obama looks on with anger during a memorial service. Dec 10 (upi) -- looks like this president can’t get away with flirting in front of his wife it appears that first lady michelle obama was none too pleased with the way that president barack obama was acting toward denmark prime minister helle thorning-schmidt during a ceremony honoring nelson mandela, and before too long, they switched seats. See michelle obama’s president barack obama first lady michelle obama stand with italian prime minister matteo at the 2016 state dinner for denmark.

Denmark prime minister flirts with obama

The danish prime minister will reportedly not be sharing the selfie she took with david cameron and barack obama at nelson mandela's memorial service, but has said it was kind of funny. Twitter is buzzing over a series of photos that show us president barack obama enjoying himself with danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt. The obama selfie -face-gate by lauren in “borgen,” denmark’s prime minister service for nelson mandela is the notion that barack obama was flirting.

The danish prime minister’s husband just won a uk parliament seat welcome to modern is married to denmark’s prime minister barack obama at. In a recent article by andrea peyser of the new york post, she slams president obama for flirting with danish prime minister and says he owes us an apology for acting like a hormone-ravaged frat boy on a road trip to a strip bar. First lady michelle obama obama takes a selfie with british prime minister david cameron and denmark's flirt and whisper with danish prime minister.

President barack obama, uk prime minister david cameron, and denmark prime minister helle thorning-schmidt took a selfie today at the memorial service for the late south african president nelson mandela:. If you were sat next to barack obama, (never mind david cameron), wouldn't you try and get a selfie like helle thorning-schmidt, denmark's first female prime minister. Obama, limbaugh argued, was for lightheartedly engaging with his european counterparts–even perhaps flirting with the danish prime minister–schmidt.

Denmark prime minister flirts with obama
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